Rewire Your Nervous System

Learn how to overcome the effects of chronic stress and trauma on your nervous system and biology in order to create the energy, motivation, mindset, and consciousness needed to reach your weight and health goals.

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Chronic stress and trauma create long-term distress for your nervous system, your mind, and your biology. 

In that state, you may feel -

  • Disconnected
  • Like a robot
  • Frozen
  • Zoned out
  • Living on autopilot
  • Overwhelmed
  • Lacking in motivation and energy
  • Not feeling fully alive
  • Feeling you are merely “going through the motions”

OR you may feel
  • On high-alert most of the time
  • Frantic
  • Stressed to the max

OR maybe you swing between these two states?

These are signs of a dysregulated nervous system and biological distress. 

When your nervous system and biology are in these states, what happens to your weight loss efforts?

They become way too much to handle. Preparing your food or even thinking about what to eat is a chore that feels overly demanding.

• Despite good intentions, your efforts to be mindful about your food choices and to move your body fail again and again and you don’t even really know why other than it just feels too hard.

When your nervous system and biology are struggling, the following happens:

• you are more easily triggered and turn to food to cope;
• you lack impulse control;
• you struggle to make conscious choices that are consistent with your long-term goals; and
• Things like overeating, binge eating, and emotional eating are the natural consequence.

Living on autopilot and in overwhelm makes healthy choices seem like you have to climb a mountain to achieve your goals.

When you are operating with a suboptimal nervous system and biology, all of your efforts to take care of yourself are completely overwhelming.

Even if you can “get on track” for a short amount of time, you continually find it too difficult to consistently take the action that you want to take.

Part of the solution is having the right plan (hint: it isn’t a quick fix diet) but even with the right plan (like the one we teach here at Nuuaria) staying on course feels all too hard when you don’t have a well-regulated nervous system.

"more than 90% of Americans experience some sort of traumatic event in their lives"

Trauma and chronic stress are an everyday reality for the vast majority of Americas. In fact, more than 90% of Americans experience some sort of traumatic event in their lives and nearly everyone deals with a lot of day-to-day stress. This means that most of us are going through life feeling the effects on our nervous system and body. The effect is overwhelm and shut down.
No matter how badly we want to lose weight and reach other goals, we can’t seem to get there.

I’ve watched so many people work extremely hard to meet their goals only to fall into frustration time and time again.
What they don’t realize is that losing weight and meeting any goal CAN be so much easier when they are operating with an optimally functioning nervous system and biology.

You will emerge from this course with - 


An understanding of how trauma and chronic stress effect your nervous system, biology and your ability to stick with an effective weight loss plan. 

YOUR Nervous System

An understanding of YOUR nervous system and how to help it function optimally. 

YOUR Healthiest Self

An understanding of how you can give your body what it needs to shift out of overwhelm and shut down. 
By learning how your system works (not just any system - but your system) and the tools that will re-regulate and heal your system, you will live in a state of conscious calmness. In this state, weight loss (and other goals) become doable in a way that you could only imagine before. 

What do the Three Little Pigs Have to Teach Us? 

The three little pigs have a lot to teach us when it comes to meeting our weight and health goals.

The first little pig who grabs some straw and tries to get his house built quickly, with as little effort as possible, is like the person who goes on the 7-day juice fast in an effort to lose their weight overnight. As we all know – that approach will fail every time.

The second little pig who tries to build his house with sticks is like the person who is willing to put in some effort and do things in a sustainable way but because they don’t have the right materials, the house isn’t one that will last.

The third little pig who takes the time to make his bricks and build a strong foundation is like the person who takes the time to heal their nervous system and biology from all of the accumulated trauma and stress. With the right tools and materials, this little pig is able to construct a sustainable, meaningful home that lasts.

Taking this foundational course allows you to be the brilliant, well-equipped little pig that constructs the plan for your health that you can live in forever.

By first building a healthy nervous system you can create the weight loss you want.

Why I wrote this class...

I spent over 35 years in a destructive relationship with food and my body. I was always on a diet and battling myself to “control” my food and change my body. By learning about my brain and the reasons why I had an unhealthy relationship with food, I was able to overcome my emotional eating challenges and live free with food and my body.

I began working with women who wanted the same result. What I began to notice however, was that the people (most everybody) who had experienced trauma and chronic stress continued to struggle, despite heroic efforts to change.

They were working hard but couldn’t seem to break through their old habits and adopt the new ones that they wanted to create. It became clear that there was a missing piece and I became determined to find out what that missing piece was.
I researched trauma and chronic stress and trained with some of the leading minds in the fields and to learn about the nervous system and the biology of trauma and chronic stress on a whole new level. I learned about the modalities that are effective in helping the body heal and the nervous system re-regulate.

The people who approach weight loss with these tools have energy and motivation, they are no longer on autopilot, they are able to make mindful choices and recognize old destructive patterns more easily. In short, these people were effortlessly taking the action that allowed them to lose the weight.

Combined with the right weight loss information, having the tools to regulate the nervous system and live “turned on” instead shut off is what makes the road to weight loss a smooth highway instead of a trek up the mountain.

Words on Working with Lori... 

It's taught me how to make those lifestyle shifts that always seemed to be a constant struggle (or just too hard to maintain).
It's taught me how to show up for myself in ways I didn't think were possible. 
Before I realized it, shifts were happening. 
At some point, it hit me out of nowhere just how much I (and my lifestyle) had changed. 
At times it's going to feel crazy, uncertain, and even uncomfortable. 
Just trust the process & stay committed to doing the work. It'll be worth it.
Nuuaria is the first program I’ve used where I’ve been successful. Believe me, I’ve tried many programs in which you weigh food, count carbs, fats, etc., and where the number on the scale is the goal from day to day and week to week. I struggled with this as I felt my mind putting on the brakes and saying, “no, no, I don’t want to do this”.

With Nuuaria, I’ve lost weight, but, more importantly, and this is how the weight comes off, I’ve changed the emotional eating that held me prisoner through how I think about myself and about food. I’m free from food calling to me to fix my emotions and make me happy.
Walter White
Nuuaria client

What people say about working with their nervous systems –

I’m so excited that I have less heaviness in my brain. I have more energy and feel the voice of the inner critic is much quieter. 
It is such a gift to learn that I have control over my nervous system and can provide a safe and calming place for myself. 
I’m finally able to be able to bring myself back when I used to check out and turn to food to soothe me in the moment. 
I’ve had many emotions come up for me that were hidden away for so long. Now that they have been seen and heard, I no longer need to eat about them. 

What's included in This 6-Week Course?

  • 6 Weeks
  • 6 Live Sessions
  • 6 Assignments
  • 42 Somatic Experiencing Videos
  • 2 Big Bonuses!!!

Online Curriculum

Online curriculum consisting of weekly video content that provides needed education about the effect of stress and trauma on your nervous system, how this impacts your patterns with food and your weight loss efforts, and what you can do to return to your healthy and natural state of calm consciousness. 

Daily Somatic Experiencing

Forty-two daily somatic experiencing videos for each day of your journey. These videos will walk you through your daily exercise and teach you experientially how to understand your nervous system and how to transform it from being stuck in survival state into being fully alive, and well-regulated.

BONUS: Nutrition & Supplementation

Bonus section on the biology of trauma and what steps you can take through nutrition and supplementation to help your body heal and work optimally as you do the other work.

Weekly Assignments

Weekly assignments and practices that allow you to integrate your new knowledge into your daily life. Without bringing that education into your life, it won’t actually lead to transformation. The assignments and practices show you how to implement what you learn into your everyday life.

Six Live Group Sessions

Six live group sessions (via zoom) to connect with Lori and the other members of the class where you can share experiences and ask questions. • Six live group sessions (via zoom) to connect with Lori and the other members of the class where you can share experiences and ask questions. 

BONUS: List of Laboratory Testing

List of laboratory tests that can be done to help you identify further areas of improvement for your biology as you heal from trauma. 

Course Lessons

Meet the instructor

Lori Montry

Lori holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Oregon State University and a law degree from Harvard Law School. After raising a family, she began studying the principles underlying the Nuuaria Method® to break free from a multitude of food, body issues, and struggles. Through a personal process of healing, growth, and reconnection with herself, she changed her thinking and her life and became both a Nuuaria mentor and Nuuaria Method® certified trainer.  
Patrick Jones - Course author
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